Full Size Candy Bar Wrappers - Download & Print
Full Size Candy Bar Wrappers - Download & Print
Full Size Candy Bar Wrappers - Download & Print
Full Size Candy Bar Wrappers - Download & Print
Full Size Candy Bar Wrappers - Download & Print
Full Size Candy Bar Wrappers - Download & Print
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Full Size Candy Bar Wrappers - Download & Print

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Harrumphing into their chair at the table like a large pet that had tuckered themselves out after a big day, relying completely the chair's ability to keep them vertical, they'd pretty much had it. Unintelligible growls were all they uttered in greeting to the other players as they joined the group. Looking quizzically at the table in front of them, they grunted happily and started unwrapping the well timed treat that had been waiting on the table for them. The game master always knew what was up at the end of a long day. An O-Hangry bar would certainly satiate such disagreeable hunger. 

Convert classic standard size Nestle(R) candy bars into fun magical chocolatey goodness! Great for custom treats for game nights, wedding favours, housewarming, baby showers and party favours.

There are four different varieties, or you can purchase the whole set of four. The downloadable and printable PDF file for each wrapper contains two wrapper labels per page. Instructions for printing are below.

*NOTE: Items in the "action" photo show an example of the wrappers affixed to the candy bars, are an example action shot of the mini-candy bar version. 

This listing is for a digital downloadable and printable .pdf file only. Online images are watermarked for security purposes. Printable files are 300 dpi and do not contain watermarks.

***Chocolate/Candy bars not included.***

O-Hangry = KitKat(R)
Translate = Coffee Crisp(R)
Tranquillium = Smarties(R)
Silentium = Aero(R)

Materials Needed

To print and affix these printable candy wrappers to your candy bars you will need the following materials.

  • 8.5" x 11" (letter size) self adhesive label or sticker paper, copy paper, brochure paper, or photo paper (you can print 2 wrappers per page)
  • Regular/Full Size Candy Bars
    • Kit-Kat (R) 45g bar (O-Hangry)
    • Coffee Crisp (R) 50g bar (Translate)
    • Aero (R) 42g bar (Silentium)
    • Smarties(R) 45g (Tranquillium)
  • Double-sided tape (only needed if you are not using label or sticker paper that already contains adhesive to secure it to the bars).
  • Colour printer
  • Purchase and download digital wrapper files.


Step 1: Purchase and download the required PDF file.
Step 2: Print on 8.5"x11" paper of choice from materials list above using the 'Actual Size' setting. Do not use other settings like 'fit to page' or the labels will not be sized properly for your candy bar.
Step 3: Cut out each wrapper with scissors (cut marks included in the file). Each file prints two wrappers per page, and these must be cut out manually. 
Step 4: Fold each wrapper around the still wrapped associated candy bar and align, press securely. DO NOT UNWRAP the manufacturer's original candybar wrapper encompassing the candy bar. These printable wrappers are designed to be placed over top of the manufacturer's original wrapper. 
Step 5: Secure the ends of the wrapper with double-sided tape if necessary.
Step 6: Ensure consumers refer to the nutrition and ingredient information listed on the original candy bar wrapper by the manufacturer prior to consumption.

The Fine Print

  • For personal or non-profit use only
  • This is a DIGITAL product
  • No physical goods will be shipped
  • No refunds

Colour/Printing: Colours may vary depending on your computer or device, quality or type of paper and printer/ink used. We do not take responsibility for any color variations you may experience.

Licensing: This listing may contain licensed images, characters or replicas and we do not claim ownership over the characters, images, or any other designs or markings used in our listings, they are for reference purposes only. These licensed items are used for inspiration only. Our listing images and downloadable products have been designed by Geeky Tendencies, and may not be used for profit, replicated or re-distributed without authorization. 

ALLERGY ALERT **Snack items may contain nuts and other allergy related ingredients as listed on the manufacturer's original wrapper. The customer & consumer are responsible for reading the manufacturer's nutrition labels and ingredient lists prior to consuming the food items.  We are not responsible or liable for adverse reactions after consuming or receiving food that have been covered in these wrappers.

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