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When we were building our full Print & Play adventure: "The Cursed Dungeon of Thylanfae" we wanted to create a single page version as a free download for more experienced Game Masters (GM). 

This is a printable one-page rpg full adventure for Game Masters suitable for 1-5 players at level 1-3. Creative GM's can scale this sucker up to suit their players.

There are no pre-generated characters in this download, players will have to create their own. But this is a nice adventure for your crew to use existing characters for a little side-quest in your current campaign, especially if you've got less than a full party on game night and just want to play something fun, gain a little XP and grab some handy loot and enchanted items.

It includes room tables, creature tables, treasure tables and complete story line. While you are welcome to build your own dungeon as you see fit, we've included a free full colour version map sized 2550x1500 pixels for your enjoyment below!  we also included a bonus map with the rooms switched around just in case the dungeon rearranges itself with your players still in it. 

Printable RPG (426 KB)

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Original Full Colour Map - 1224x1224px (72ppi) (2.26 MB)

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Dungeon Rearranged Full Colour Map - 1224x1224px (72ppi) (2.72 MB)

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