Under Construction. Please pardon the mess, the desk was a mimic!
Under Construction. Please pardon the mess, the desk was a mimic!
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Welcome to Geeky Tendencies

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Geeky Tendencies started on Etsy in 2016. It's evolved and grown over the years, as I explore different techniques. I'm a textile wizard, with a passion for fabrics and sewing.  With a fabric hoard worthy of a dragon, there are so many options for making amazing bags, dice trays and other accessories designed by and for gamers. In some pretty exciting news, I'm thrilled to invite both my Sister (Nerfblatbits.etsy.com) and my Daughter (fracturedfantasy.com) as contributors and collaborators.  We've got plans for some VERY cool stuff in the works. 

Some ideas we've been tossing about for the future:

  • Larger capacity spell books or perhaps these will also morph into small player folios, with dividers, paper, half-size character sheets and more.   
  • Large print character sheets to make games accessible for older (and younger) players, or those with vision problems. I'd start with 5e, and then see what other games people would like us to make sheets for. 
  • Half-size character sheets.  May be combined with the previous idea
  • Adventurer and One-shot booster packs.  Cards containing items, loot, gear & NPCs for you to use in your next adventure.  Some of these may be themed for specific occations
  • Print & Play adventure pack to introduce new players & DMs into the game
  • Holiday Gift box sets
  • Small dice bags. Then you can have small bags in your big bags. 
  • ummm, well, the ideas just keep coming.  Some good, some not-as-good, some that we just won't mention. 
If you have an idea that you'd like to see, we are open to custom orders.  Hit us up with an e-mail! 


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