RPG Box Set - Frog Witch

Miniatures Painting To the Nines

Sometimes I'll see a set of dice or a single die and feel inspired by it. Sometimes I'll be inspired by a mini, a theme, concept or even something I heard in a podcast. Often I'm inspired to put a set together like this one.

I purchased this Dire D20 from Die Hard Dice called 'Dreamscape Nightshade'. It felt kind of magical. I had this little pewter Frog Witch miniature from Dark Sword Miniatures (sculpted by the fabulous Dave Summers). I thought to myself, these two belong together. So, I painted her in colouring to compliment the D20. Well it didn't end there though did it? No.

I figured then, well they ought to have somewhere to exist together. What better place than a custom hand painted and lined box. There were some cute little mushrooms I placed in her cave entrance on the mini so I tied those into the art on the box as well.

Here the set is completed. I love making sets like these. I've also included at the very end of the post, a speed painting video of how I painted the box.




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